Altair Electromagnetics

Altair Electro magnetic solutions is used across industries to solve a broad range of electromagnetic problems from static to low and high frequencies. Whether your application requires multiple frequency and time-domain techniques with true hybridization to enable efficient exploration of a broad spectrum of electromagnetic performance, or the simulation of magneto static, steady-state and transient conditions.

Why Messen Labs?

Uniquely combining deep engineering and simulation software expertise with Altair's Simulation, Data Analytics and HPC technologies to help our customers to innovative products. Messen’s experienced engineering team is well equipped to cater to the needs of all special requirements of our valuable customers, thus empowering us to be a market leader in virtual product development & engineering requirements.

  • Engineering the Future ,Today
  • Major Advantages

    • Deep domain knowledge and Altair's state-of-the-art technology
    • Product Engineering And Consulting
    • Data Anlytics & AI
    • Customer Success Program
    • Altair Unit Licensing Model

    Wireless Connectivity : Altair FEKO

    A leading tool for antenna design, placement and coupling, virtual test drives and flights, radio frequency interference, radar and radio coverage and planning and spectrum management. Additionally, Feko offers specialized wave propagation technologies and models through its Altair® WinProp™ and Altair® WRAP™ capabilities. WinProp is especially useful for detailed, urban and indoor radio-coverage planning, network roll-out and comparative design deployment needed for heterogeneous outdoor-indoor scenarios.

    Products: Altair®FEKO™, Altair® WinProp™, Altair® WRAP™

    Electromechanical Systems : Altair Flux

    Altair® Flux® models even the most complex electromechanical systems with proven accuracy. It provides multiphysics capabilities – magneto static, steady-state and transient conditions, along with electrical and thermal properties – to optimize machine performance, efficiency, dimensions, cost and weight and it is used to develop sensors and actuators, in addition to high-power electrical equipment including transformers, insulator, power bars and circuit breakers. Electric rotating machines can be quickly developed in Altair® FluxMotor®..

    Products: Altair®Flux™, Altair® FluxMotors™, Altair® Simlab™