Electronic System Design (ESD)

Smart connected devices are everywhere. This means electronic system design (ESD) is having a greater influence on almost every type of product requiring new simulation tools to help achieve electronic, electrical, mechanical, thermal, and connectivity goals. Altair’s simulation-driven design tools enable your team of specialized engineers to collaborate across all aspects of printed circuit board development from concept to manufacturing. Our products streamline your process, eliminate design iterations, and reduce time-to-market..

Why Messen Labs?

Uniquely combining deep engineering and simulation software expertise with Altair's Simulation, Data Analytics and HPC technologies to help our customers to innovative products. Messen’s experienced engineering team is well equipped to cater to the needs of all special requirements of our valuable customers, thus empowering us to be a market leader in virtual product development & engineering requirements.

  • Engineering the Future ,Today
  • Major Advantages

    • Deep domain knowledge and Altair's state-of-the-art technology
    • Product Engineering And Consulting
    • Data Anlytics & AI
    • Customer Success Program
    • Altair Unit Licensing Model

    Power Electronics and Motor Drive Software : Altair PSIM

    Circuit simulation plays a strategic role in the schematic capture phase of EDA workflows. The enhanced proprietary SPICE version, based on the open-source industry standard combined with a digital component suppliers' library, ensures accurate electronic circuit performance by providing an interactive schematic environment to explore changes to component values, tolerances, frequency response, or time periods. In addition, Altair® PSIM™ allows engineers to simulate and design power electronic systems including motor drives, power converters, and renewable energy systems..

    Products: Altair®PSIM™

    PCB Development : Altair Polex

    Altair® PollEx™ accelerates the development of today’s smart, connected, and tightly packaged electronic products. PollEx enables teams to review and improve board layouts, and drive designs with simulation tools for signal integrity, power integrity, EMI vulnerability, and ESD protection, without relying on "rules of thumb." Used by global industry leaders to increases the efficiency of PCB fabrication, assembly, and end-of-line testing, PollEx improves performance, enables teamwork, and enhances collaboration to ensure timing, performance, reliability, and compliance targets are met.

    Products: Altair®Polex™ ,Altair® Simlab™