Customized Services

At Messen, we provide customized / tailor made services during software implimentation and Data Analytics with periodical training to suit to the specific needs of our customers.

Deployment and Center of Excellence Services

Messen Service provides a wide range of services to support the technical staff of your organisation, including referring specialists from Messen to anywhere in the world for the period of time required by our customers. The objectives of these services are as follows:
- To avoid issues at receipt, licensing, during installation and deployment of software & solutions.
- For better productivity, quality and time to market.
- To standardize the process, DVP( Design Verification Plan/process).
- To Automate and keep in Knowldge base.

Above services follow international and approved procedures in agreement with the global end users. We provide Certificates and process assessment details to our customers.

Training Services

We collaborate with our customers closely in order to develop tailor made training program, to all stake holders of the product development, detailing the up-to-date information on simulation ,data management and upskilling to Data Analytics. Our training program will ensure the Design& simulation team for running to the full efficiency and self-sufficiently.

The Center of Excellence Program will ensure a longer commitement and develope the team, thus reducing the number of design challenges in the product development process.

We offer training at your premises or at Messen office.

Please contact us to know more.